Frequently Asked Questions about what we do

If anything you need isn’t covered here, please email us on [email protected] and we will add it to our FAQs for others’ easy reference!


Hey Carter, remind us what your value proposition is again?

We at Carter strive to find win-win match ups between customers looking to buy a new car and dealerships with great deals and great customer service. Our smart Carmatch algorithm will help you quickly identify which cars will best suit your needs. Our Carter scores will help you quickly and easily compare the cars in your shortlist (without all the cubic kilo centimeter watty mumbo-jumbo). And then; we will help you find a great deal with one of our dealer partners – who clients just like you have rated and reviewed to make your life easier.

Oh, and for all you scientists and petrol-heads out there, don’t worry – you can easily access all the kW’s, cm’s and acronyms you find so interesting!

So, then you aren’t affiliated to a particular brand or group – trying to push their cars?

Nope! We are entirely independent and objective. We understand how brand-centric the new car market is. And, while it is impractical to get all the thousands of cars available, under one roof, for you to browse – there is no reason why we cant bring you an easy to navigate virtual dealership!

We partner with dealers across all brands and groups to provide you, our valued client, with choice! Choice and transparency across both the price of your car, what you are getting, and the service you can expect to receive. We don’t assume, we don’t try and think for you, we present you with options – to save you hundreds of calls to hundreds of dealers!

What does it cost me to use Carter’s services?

Did you miss the video? The splash screen? The website home page???

IT’S FREE! You don’t pay a thing. Our hungry dealer partners will write the cheque!

What about safety and security? How can I trust the source of the car and that I am not getting a car that “has fallen off a truck”?

At Carter, we only deal with dealerships that are accredited by manufacturers. New, demo and pre-owned vehicles that you are offered deals on are backed by reputable dealers that are registered affiliates of the vehicle manufacturers. We personally visit each dealer partner and vet them with their respective manufacturer for both our and your peace of mind.

For example, we won’t contract with Tom’s Executive Cars – no matter how awesome Tom may be. The brand’s stamp of approval on the front door is an important way that we ensure you get both the service and backing that you come to expect from the brand you are buying.

But, by all means, contact Tom! Gather as much info as you can. And be rest assured that any deal offered to you through Carter comes with the manufacturers stamp of approval!

In any and all circumstances, always use common sense: if you are not meeting at a dealership, meet in a secure, public environment just to be sure.

Can I browse specials?

Si! We have a deals section, called “Specials”, dedicated to new deals from brands that wish to advertise their general deals with us. This ensures that our Carmatch functionality and logic remains pure and objective. Any and all specials can be easily accessed and browsed in our Specials section.

But don’t stop there! Using our Carmatch function and allowing us to ping our dealer partners has a high chance of netting you a deal that is even better than those found in our Specials section!

I don’t understand! How can using your Carmatch function net me a better Deal than I can find in the Specials section?

Remember, at any given time, there may be a dealer out there with the exact car you want, that really really wants to sell it (because of space, stock levels, etc etc). We leverage technlogy to increase your chance of finding that dealer, without you having to spend weeks and weeks on the phone and / or driving around!

Why do you need to share my details with your partners?

We aren’t a dealership. We help you find the right car for you and then we try our best to connect you with a dealership that has a great deal on your selected new car. We let our dealer partners know what you are looking for and offer them a chance to build a deal for you. They submit these for your to browse – anonymously. Once you decide that you want to take advantage of an offer, you select it and we send our dealer partners your details and theirs to you; so you can both make contact. Our dealer partners pride themselves on good customer service so having your email and number lets them do all the hard work of contacting you!

We also let our partners know whether you are looking for finance and / or trading in your current car. By providing them with the basic information to process such requests, we both speed up the process and ensure you get the best possible service!

Don’t worry – there are very clear opt-in questions and indicators for promotions and marketing. The permission to share your details with our dealer partners for the sole reason of finding you a good car deal is clearly indicated in our app and on our website.

What if I am interested in the same Deal as someone else?

We provide full transparency. Just like walking into a dealership down the street and finding the car you want, there may already be someone else interested in it. We will let you know up front which deals already have interest and how much. But we will still connect you to the dealer if you request us to. That way, if anything goes wrong with the other party’s deal, you have a chance to net your dream deal!

How do I know that the price I see is the price I will pay?

The default prices in our Carmatch portal are the list or recommended retail prices issued by the manufacturers. Dealers have a lot of flexibility on how they structure their deals. This can mean benefits for you, the client. But it can also mean wheeler-dealering and lack of transparency that can make people feel very uneasy.

We very clearly contract with our partners to ensure that they return their deals with full transparency – what is the base price, what are extras and what are the “on the road costs” (registration, etc). This way, you know what your deal comprises and can compare apples with apples.

Obviously, the more details you provide us, the more complete their initial deal structure will be. Your finance and insurance requirements, trade in details, credit standing and the like, will enable our partners to give you the most complete deal as early as possible!

But I asked for black and got offered a deal for a white car?

We send our dealer partners your exact request. In order to give you, our client, the most transparent and empowered experience, we don’t assume. We give you options. We allow our manufacturer accredited dealer partners to quote you on new, demo and almost new cars (with mileage below 15,000km) – if you are willing to take a white car at a lower price than you would take a black version, we offer you the choice and you get to decide!

Carter’s dealer partner gave me horrific service! How can this be???

While we partner with dealers and Dealer Principals that share our values and vision, we acknowledge that sometimes sales people have a bad day! PLEASE LET US KNOW! The back bone of Carter’s model is the ability to rate and review dealerships and sales people. We at Carter also reserve the right to pull your details from a poor dealership or salesperson and find you a better experience. Just let us know and we will do our best to find you the service you deserve.

We at Carter reserve the right to remove any sales people or an entire dealership from our partner-network if they don’t offer service that matches up to our standards and values.

I saw a deal last week for R300,000. Now the best one you can get me is R320,000 – how can this be?

Dynamics in the car market means that at any time, for a many number of reasons, the variety of deals on offer and the amount a dealership will discount a vehicle changes. A car’s value to a dealership or supergroup varies over time due to stock levels and other factors. Carter simply allows you a digital means to access a wide variety of dealers across the country to best access and compare current deals and specials in a quick and efficient manner.

How quickly can I get a deal?

We expect anything from around 10min to 2 working days. We don’t want to rush the process – we want dealers to have enough time to consider their stock levels and craft a deal specifically for you. Some of our bigger partners get numerous requests every hour. Some have a ceremonial braai late Friday afternoons. Some just need a little time to spark the creativity needed to build you your dream deal!

We will send you a notification each time a deal comes in – so you wont miss a beat! The sooner you respond, the closer to the front of the queue you will be!

What about test drives?

Given the nature of the Carter magic – we don’t recognise political or geographical boundaries! Sadly, test drive options become complicated when we find you a great deal in Kimberley and you are in Nelspruit!

Again, we at Carter are all about transparency. When you request a deal, dealers will see which region you are in and let you know whether they can provide a test drive, can arrange one through a partner dealership or whether they are unable to.

The beauty of Carter and the new car market is that test driving a Vespa scooter in Cape Town is the same as test driving one in Johannesburg (apart from the terrible wind and rain and drivers in Cape Town…). This way, you can feel at ease test driving a vehicle at your local dealership but sourcing one from an authorised dealership many miles away!

Can Carter help me with other car related purchases? Finance? Insurance? A tracking system? Anti-smash and grab?

We let our dealer partners assist you with vehicle finance and insurance through their affiliates.

If you would like a comparative quote from our insurance affiliates, just let us know when you request a deal. We are all about transparency!

For any other non-manufacturer specific additions like satellite tracking devices, anti-smash-and-grab window tinting, bicycle carriers, roof racks, trailers, car seats, isofix, etc – just check the boxes. We will reach out to our partners and get you preferential rates!

Hey Carter! How do I become a Dealer Partner?

Well, there are multiple exams, a bootcamp, community service and a full medical!

Just kidding! Hop on over to our Dealer Portal link on our website and request a call from one of our Key Account Managers. The more the merrier! We are always happy to welcome more partners to our values-driven community.

Btw, does the the AWD have ESP and PDC? What’s with all the acronyms and jargon?

Confused? Us to! Head on over to our glossary for definitions and our best attempt at de-sciencing the many terms you will see and hear in the industry.